True Self Ashtanga is a contemporary yoga course offering professional one on one instruction to those seeking balance of mind and body.


Yoga Is Union

A physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline, which originated in ancient India with the view of attaining a state of long-lasting peace of mind The True Self. The true self could be defined or seen as you Without ego, judgment, sorrow, hate, or envy. To be you in every present moment. With no filter of a point of view or opinion. To be you, and to be present. The term Yoga can be derived from two roots. To yoke, and to concentrate. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras define it as “The stilling of the mind”.


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning Ashta (Eight) and Anga (Steps or Limbs). The eight limbs all work together to attain Samadhi (enlightenment) or to purify body, mind, and soul. They are:

Yamas (self-restraint)
Niyamas (observances)
Asana (posture)
Pranayama (breath control)
Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)
Dhahran (concentration)
Dyana (meditation)
Samadhi (Enlightenment)


Personalized Courses

Centered around the notion of physical and emotional balance. True Self Ashtanga yoga offers professional personalized yoga courses and instruction to those seeking a balance of mind and body. A non-judgment environment and a class 100% personalized to you, your skills, physical abilities, and limitations. In your own intimate setting. We can set goals, build a better understanding in your own practice, with necessary modifications to the ashtanga primary series to match and challenge your skills for your practice at the studio and at home.


  • Women's Warrior Ashtanga and Equine Assisted learning day workshop To Be Determined

    Grab any women you know and love for a collaboration with the amazing Equine Assisted Learning company F.E.E.L for our women’s warrior work shop. We will focus on appreciation, gratitude, communication and our love for all things horses and yoga! We start the day out of the city in a peaceful country setting with a morning lead meditation and Ashtanga practice. After meditation, there will be a light lunch provided with both vegan/and non-vegan items will be available. Then we will either head to the arena or our outside space (dependent on weather) to start out ground work courses with our partners and an equine (horse) partner for our communication and teamwork challenges. Be vulnerable, be you and be present! Excited to see you all.

  • Yoga In The Park Every Last Saturday of the month

    At the end of each month we will wind down with an outdoors led ashtanga practice. Lead by our instructor Taylor Fenske. Edmonton has some amazing views and scenery. Experience both the beauty Edmonton has to offer and try a new yoga practice or just indulge deeper into your practice with alignments and adjustments. Each month we will change the location to a new park or setting. Please check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates for this months location!