Taylor C. Fenske

Personal Yoga instructor Based Out of Edmonton

Ashtanaga is a practice that can offer you so much more than when your on your mat. with a more personalized approach you will be able to understand and embody everything Ashtanga and the Yoga Sutras have to offer.


A young yoga practitioner certified 200hr RYT under Caroline Klebl of Source of Yoga as of 2011. Taylor has been practicing different styles of yoga for over 8 years. She began yoga as a physical way to spend spare time to experience her own physical limitations that unfolded all of the other aspect of yoga and Ashtanga’s eight limbs and the impact this practice has on body, spirit and mind. Looking to continue her training and practice under R. Sharath in Mysore, India at the Pattabhi Jois Center, as taught by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. When getting her certification her goal was not to teach right away to but to understand ashtanga and the limbs in how they affect our lives. After three years of personal practice and some personal clients she’s decided to make it a course more than a class. To take the time to practice ashtanga with all the limbs and to get the most mentally, physically and spiritual from your own personal practice. Yoga’s physical practice has opened other aspect this practice has to offer. Yoga originally was more of a meditation and way of life with a physical practice to keep the body as able as the every growing mind. Finding through her travels the superficial and social aspect of yoga only burned a deeper passion to share the ever so important philosophy is to Yoga. What happened if you injured does? that change the worthiness of yourself? Ashtanga lets us focus on all aspect of our, spirits, our mind and what is beyond this physical body and physical realm.

True Self Ashtanga

We are the only personal ashtanga yoga program offered in Edmonton.Noticed by the international Yoga Alliance to fulfill all of the curriculum necessary. The reason we are based on a more personalized individual experience is to make sure everyone who is open to Ashtanga can get the fullest benefits of this practice. One of the most amazing things about Ashtanga is what more it has to offer than the westernized posture based view of “yoga”.  Yoga means union or to yoke and to really become one it means being present and understanding all the limbs of the ashtanga practice on and off your mat. With personalized modifications, alignments and adjustments  in a non-judgement environment we can take you practice from postures, into the bandas (Energy holds), the dristi (looking place), pranayama practice (breath control) to deepen the personal practice and the moving meditation the ashtanga practice was meant to be.

Pre-Natal Yoga

Sports Recovery Yoga

Anxiety or Depression Yoga

Individual Group Sessions Yoga

Seniors Yoga