Ashtanga Yoga In The Jungles Of Costa Rica

Join us for a fun and informational yoga retreat where you can really hone in on your own yoga practice. The retreat will be held on the pacific coast side of costa Rica, where we will be staying in villas surrounded by a beautiful mountainous landscape in the middle of the jungle. From this jungle platform, there are endless trails at our fingertips to explore and adventure.

Our days will begin with a sunrise meditation followed by an ashtanga practice that will heat and energize the body and mind. we will be provide written materials required to delve into the powerful teachings of the Yoga Sutras, and we will explore how to relate and apply these to our own lives in order to feel more full and present in our every day lives. Surrounded by trails and fruit trees on the grounds, you will be able to spend most of the day doing the things that fill your soul, such as relaxing hiking, swimming, exploring nature, and indulging anything you’d like before reconvening for some fun sunset acro yoga. Who doesn’t like to finish the night getting a little crazy and creative?! Yoga practitioners of all levels are welcome! Just come open to the powerful practice of ashtanga and I will offer modifications and adjustments to each individual daily, according to their needs on the mat that day.

I have found most people like to plan their own flights due to specific airline preferences or affiliations with particular agencies and sites that yield them the best deals, however, i will be providing weekly updates to highlight flights and seat sales to Costa Rica from various destinations.

The Main Benefits Of Warm Climate Yoga Are:

  • Super relaxing time
  • Class size under 10 people
  • Increase strength
  • Reclaim your vitality
  • The hotel will be rented only by our group
  • Fresh fruit available all over the grounds
  • Infinity pool
  • Mountain and coast views
  • Hiking trails all around
  • Breakfast and dinner Vegan and non meals provided
  • Personal adjustments and modifications
  • More flexible in warmer climates

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