Personalized Ashtanga Yoga Course

Centered around the notion of physical and emotional balance, Ashtanga is perfect for students looking to having a personal meditation and asana practice. Our six week coursed program includes all necessary materials. We will explore what your expectation are in your own practice and day to day life. Then once a week we will meet personally starting our practice with 30-60min meditation depending on where your starting, this will all be modified. Followed by our Ashtanga asana (posture) practice. In ashtanga everything is done in order in a way that opens up the bodies deeper channels, joints, ligaments and of course the mind. Ashtanga can be a very physical practice but with one on one courses we can adjust and modify to any level or limitation. After the practice we will do a short restorative in which we will review the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali and how these can be blended into our everyday to bring more, peace and harmony to your life.Our courses eschew the traditional cultural teachings that surround the practice. Instead, we seek to focus solely on the wellness of students – guiding and coaching them to achieve their goals.

The Main Benefits Of Ashtanga Are:

  • Sequenced Practice
  • Six series of postures to continue your practice for years
  • Increase core strength
  • Vitality
  • Progressive practice
  • Includes all eight limbs where other styles of yoga only support 6 of eights limbs
  • Beneficial On and Off you mat
  • Philosophy of yoga and enjoying both the mental ,spiritual and, physical side of yoga

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