The Practice Of Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit.

June 4, 2016

Centered around the notion of physical and emotional balance.Grab any woman you know and love for our first collaboration with the amazing Equine Assisted Learning company F.E.E.L.  Our women’s warrior work shop where we will focus on appreciation, gratitude, communication and our love for all things horses and yoga! We will be starting the day out of the city in a peaceful country setting with a 60-90 morning lead meditation and Ashtanga yoga practice. We will stop for a light lunch both vegan/and non items will be available. Then we will either head to the arena or our outside space (dependent on weather) to start out ground work courses with our partners and an equine (horse) partner for our communication and teamwork challenges. Be vulnerable, be you and be present! Excited to see you all. Our program provides all the necessary materials needed, just bring a change of clothes or some comfortable clothes and foot covering shoes to wear for the second portion.

The Main Benefits Of This Workshop Are:

  • Starting the day with meditation and an open mind
  • Riding the body of physical stress and tension
  • Learning more about Ashtanga yoga
  • Building new and stronger communication and team building skill
  • Learning about Equine (Horse) Assisted Learning
  • Being out in the country space open and free

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